Dear Diary…

Dear Diary…

There is so much going on right now; Adam is back in my life and I have finally met my grandfather, and then of course there are the time bands… So I have decided, it being a new year and all that, to keep a diary.

I have never really considered writing about my life before, but I suddenly feel the need to tell somebody about all the things that are happening. Someone other than Troy, Lilly and Adam that is. They are going through it all too of course and have also been sworn to secrecy, but I feel I have a story to tell and I am intent on telling it. Whether anyone will ever read it or not, well I guess that’s another matter.

During the holidays, I have been spending rather a lot of time at my grandfather’s. Partly, so that I can be with Adam as often as possible, but also so that I can get to know the infamous Tempest Tempus a little better.

My grandfather is the only one who knows about the diary. I confided in him about my need to write down what I am going through and surprisingly he seemed to think it was a great idea.

He believes that as well as being a good way to get things out of my system, that it may also benefit my studying. Apparently, if I document what I see and do on our little adventures, he reckons I will be halfway to passing my exams come the end of the year.

I think he may well have a point, and so I have decided to take it one step further and do a little research and some reading around the subjects that I need to study. I have found out quite a lot of extra information within my grandfather’s library, which is a treasure trove of knowledge. Nothing beats going back and seeing things for yourself, but I shall definitely share within this journal any interesting information I find from looking through his old archives.

Actually, I shouldn’t use the word journal or diary, apparently it is a ‘blog’ that I am writing. My grandfather was quite adamant that if I was going to pour my heart out in this way, then there needed to be certain rules that I must follow, to ensure that no-one finds out about our journeys through time or our use of the time bands.

For that reason, I am actually typing this blog on a rather quaint looking device called a laptop and using a platform called ‘WordPress’ to record my words. Apparently, this long forgotten piece of software was a way for people to communicate with each other in the 21st Century, and I certainly find it a very interesting concept, if somewhat time consuming.

My grandfather says that it was once connected to the Net, which was of course a forerunner of the Cog, but it is not connected to anything anymore, and he assures me that what I write shall remain a secret. Apparently, I would have to travel back in time to actually publish my diary, which of course I am not allowed to do.

Well, not for the time being at least…

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  • Tara Tempus Posted July 3, 2016 8:30 pm

    Dear Reader,

    As you can see, I am at last able to publish the diary that I wrote 27 years ago.

    Rather than publish this blog all in one go, I have decided to mirror how the younger me intended the account to be read, but 27 years after the fact. Of course, for you it is likely to be many years in the future.

    As well as publishing the journal that I wrote as a teenage time traveller, I shall also create new posts if and when I feel that the younger me has left certain important information out.

    I shall also keep you up-to-date when I release a new historical title that I feel may be of interest to you, and perhaps will also alert you to the fictional accounts of my many adventures, which are written by David James Ault.

    I remain yours throughout time,

    Dr. Tara Tempus
    London, Europe, 2264.

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