The Real Story Of The Christmas Truce

The Real Story Of The Christmas Truce

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Dear reader,

Although I had studied World War I in quite some detail during my 5th Year at Time Immemorial High, I was not aware of any Christmas Truce until I actually saw it happen with my own eyes.

Those of you who have followed my travels through time will of course know that it was actually my first trip using a time band, and it is certainly an event in history that has fascinated me ever since.

Those of you who are less familiar with my early days as a time traveller are able to read about my exploits in 1914 through a fictionalised account by David James Ault, in his book, Time School, which on the whole is a faithful interpretation of what took place.

The book that you are about to read, however, is in no way a work of fiction. I have painstakingly researched the events leading up to and following the Christmas Truce, as well as commentaries and reports in the media up to and including the centenary, in 2014.

David then used this same research to write this book and also to create an online history course, entitled “World War I: The Christmas Truce of 1914”, which is definitely worth checking out, especially as readers of this book are entitled to a substantial discount on the regular price.

While it is of paramount importance that we never forget the horrors of World War One, I believe it is just as important to remember those wonderful moments in history where, despite overwhelming odds, man’s humanity is able to shine, even if it is only for a fleeting moment. And in particular, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sensibly noted, we should marvel at this ‘one human episode amid all the atrocities, which have stained the memory of the war’.

Yours throughout time,

Dr. Tara Tempus
London, Europe, 2264.