The Search For Tutankhamun

The Search For Tutankhamun

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A Time Immemorial History Book




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Dear reader,

I must admit that during my studies at Time Immemorial High, one of the periods of history that fascinated me most was Ancient Egypt and in particular the story of Tutankhamun. Those of you who have followed my travels through time will know that it was on my second trip using a time band that I travelled back to the Valley of the Kings, in 1923, and met Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, who both ended up giving me a tour of Tutankhamun’s recently discovered tomb. I then went one better on my third trip with the time band, when I got to see the young pharaoh in the flesh, in 1323 BC.

Those of you less familiar with my early days as a time traveller are able to read about my exploits in Egypt through a fictionalised account by David James Ault, in his book, Time School 2 – The Real Curse of Tutankhamun, which is a faithful interpretation of what actually took place.

Meanwhile, the book that you are about to read, is in no way a work of fiction. I have painstakingly researched the events surrounding Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb, as well as all the available information on the life of the boy pharaoh. David then used this same research to create an online history course, entitled “Howard Carter And The Search For Tutankhamun”, which is definitely worth checking out.

I very much enjoyed writing this account of Tutankhamun and especially the opportunity to reflect upon the incredible achievement of Carter and Carnarvon, which still remains the greatest archaeological discovery to date. Howard Carter, in particular, never really received the recognition he deserved, certainly not in his lifetime, and so it is to he that this book is respectfully dedicated.

Yours throughout time,

Dr. Tara Tempus
London, Europe, 2264.